Athletes selected for these teams are highly skilled and complete dedication is required.

In 2018, both Lime Crush & Ice 5 placed 10th in their respective divisions whilst competing at ESPN in Florida!

Ice 5

International Open Level 5

Ice 5 have won a bid to the Cheerleading Worlds for the 4th year running!

In 2018 they made it through to finals for the first time, placing 10th in the world!

This year's team is stronger than ever and we cannot wait to see the progress they make as they begin their journey towards the World Championships in April 2019!

Training Tuesday & Sunday


Lime Crush

International Open Level 4 

After the success of our trip to the Summit in 2018, placing 10th in the International junior 2 division, we will be back in 2019!

We are so excited to be attending this prestigious competition and can't wait to see the journey these athletes take!




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