Our Academy teams are perfect for children new to cheerleading, or for families that want a less commitment option!

These teams compete twice over the season as well as at our yearly showcase for family & friends!

Learn new skills, make new friends, have lots of fun and find out what it's like to be a cheerleader at ICE!


Our Allstar teams are highly competitive and require a minimum skill level to be selected.

These teams train once per week and compete up to 6 times at regional, and national competitions over the season.

We have levels 1-5, ages 7+. Come and join one of our successful teams and be a part of our family!


 Lady Ice  will be taking on the World Championships for the 5th season running! Most recently they placed 6th in the world at the prestigious competition held at ESPN in Florida!

New this season, we will be taking a team(s) to Future Cheer in Barcelona! We are super excited to offer this opportunity to our athletes!



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